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Larry Morton

Hello, my name is Larry Morton, I am 63 years old and was born and raised in San Diego CA and lived there till I was 33 years old. In my early days I played all the stick n ball sports, Little League baseball, street football, high school soccer and basketball. In 1972 I started riding and racing motocross and went on to race professional motocross till around 1986 when I put the sport on hold due to getting married to my wonderful wife Carrell in 1984. I also started to ride and race mountain bikes and triathlons. I competed in the NORBA national mountain bike series as well as the world championships and finished in the top 16 in cross country, uphill, downhill and dual slalom. In triathlons I also raced the national championships and finished top 30 in the men’s 20-30 division. And of course, if you grew up in San Diego you surfed and body surfed, one of my favorite things to do. Did I mention snow skiing? lol We then moved to Colorado and I was fully into rock climbing and mountain bike racing. To this day I have put up nearly 100 routes and have almost as many first accents. I still climb and ride bikes even now and have put up many routes here in Idaho. While in Colorado I had the opportunity to start a motocross school and was owner and instructor for over 15 years and still have the current Supercross Champion and current outdoor motocross points leader Eli Tomac who I trained from 6 to 12 years old. I am also a classically trained chef and started cooking in the late 80’s and Carrell and I owned Remington’s upscale dining in Cascade. After Colorado we moved to Texas, those were mostly motocross school and vet racing years as I got back into the sport in 1996. I also kept up my cooking career there as well. Carrell and I also built and maintained motocross tracks during this period. I also continued to ride mountain bikes and play disc golf and have always had our own personal rock-climbing walls. In 2010 we finally made the move to Cascade Idaho but had been coming up here for 40 years to visit my parents, so it feels very familiar to us. I started working as chef of the Lakefront, then reopened all of the Tamarack kitchens and worked as executive chef there, had a stint with McCall Brewing and also Jug Mountain before building and running Remington’s. I’m part of the Cascade Sports park Committee and helped design, build and still maintain the disc golf course and BMX dirt jumping course. I have many rock-climbing routes here and am currently on the Rec Board and hope to make many positive changes at the rec center itself. People often ask because I have played or competed in so many sports of which one is my favorite, and my answer is always, whatever one I am doing at the time! I love em all!
Board Member 

Patty Giardina

Patty was born and raised in Boise, Idaho where she graduated from Bishop Kelly in 2002 and went on to Boise State University to earn her bachelors in psychology. She then continued on to earn her masters in social work from Walden University. Patty worked for the Southern Valley County Recreation District from 2013 to 2019 as the Program Director and then the District Manager. Patty now enjoys her days boating, fishing and exploring with her husband Nick and daughter Gigi. She is excited to be a part of the Rec District Board and to further the mission of the SVCRD.

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